Direct Investment in Core Assets and Accessories

SPRIME has a policy to invest in core assets in the type of real estates or the right to lease real estates (including the right to sub-lease real estates) and properties that are the component part or accessories of such real estates. Assets in which SPRIME will invest are estates that relate to or are used to support or promote the business of leasing office spaces such as real estates that are used as shop, restaurants, convenience stores and such other properties that may promote investments of SPRIME.

If the REIT Manager will establish other trusts the investment policy of which is to invest in assets for commercial purposes, shopping centers and shops, SPRIME will only investment in real estates in the type of office building.

Indirect Investment

The SPRIME of core assets and equipment may be indirect investment which is one of the following

  1. Investment in the company established with the company objective for the operating in the same manner as SPRIME whether one company or several companies by shareholding or through the holding of debt instruments issued by the company or entering into a contract in the manner of lending money to the company, etc.
  2. Investment in other trusts for the objective to invest in SPRIME's core assets.

In addition, in the case of offering of trust units for capital increase shall be carried out in accordance with the prescribed rules.